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    Rehtorical Triangle/Communications Triangle

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    Please help me research each of the following four approaches for developing a presentation: a speech or lecture, a workshop, a discussion, a group activity.

    1. Explain the reasons why or when you would use each of these approaches.
    2. Describe how the three attributes of the Rhetorical Triangle (speaker, audience, and situation) are utilized in each of the four approaches.

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    The Assignment

    Please note that you are given a choice of four communications situations that would incorporate the rhetorical triangle - a drawing that displays a means of getting across a message to an audience

    a speech or lecture

    a workshop

    a discussion

    a group activity

    1. Explain the reasons why or when you would use each of these approaches.

    Speech or Lecture - used in a situation that had one primary speaker and a group interested in obtaining information from the speaker (consider your classes as this type of situation, or an after dinner presentation by a single speaker or a political campaign presentation).

    A Workshop - Would involve a presentation by a speaker followed by interaction between the speaker and audience members, and members of the audience with one another. The message would have to be a strong one to start, followed by presentations throughout the event with ...

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    The explanation of the communication process in a triangulated form pertains to numerous situations -- speaker/audience, teacher/classroom, work leader/workers, etc. The triangulation process is explained and a Web citation is offered for students to obtain a better visual image of the rhetorical process.