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    Prepare a Customer Service Letter

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    Prepare a letter in the appropriate format for your choice of the scenarios below.

    1. You are the owner of a small neighborhood business. You have received requests for donations of gift certificates from both the Police and Fire Departments. You can only afford to donate the cost of one. Make a decision of which organization you would provide with a gift certificate and compose a letter to both to inform them of your decision and why.

    2. You are the Customer Service Manager at your company. Please respond to a customer who has written to you with a complaint about low quality goods that they purchased from your web site.

    3. Write a letter of recommendation for one of your employees to accompany an application for law school.

    4. Your company is supporting Make a Wish Foundation. Write a letter encouraging your suppliers and clients to make donations for and event that your company is hosting as a fund raiser.

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    I chose item #2, the Customer Service situation regarding the low quality goods.

    The following letter contains over 260 words and addresses several items for the customer, including expressing displeasure at their dissatisfaction, showing concern for the customer, inquiring about details, and offering at least two options (replace/refund) with at least two methods (ship or pickup). I left everything pretty generic for you (Product Name, Company Name, etc.) so that you can fill this in or edit it to fit whatever you prefer - or to fit your style.

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    Have you ever bought something online only to find out that it didn't meet your expectations or the item was simply not "up to par"? This solution contains a letter from a customer service manager back to a customer who had voiced their displeasure about a low-quality product. It contains a couple options for the customers and is great example of how to deal with these situations.