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Business Ethics Relating to Customer Service

I am considering doing a project on business ethics relating to customer service. I was wondering if you could recommend what the main ethics theories are when dealing with customers and customer service only. I am hoping to apply these theories to different organisations to see if their customer service is ethical. It would be fine if you just told me the names of the theories as I am happy to go and research all of the theories myself. I am not really looking for anything outside of the customer service area.

I am looking for concepts and theories such as Corporate social responsibility rather than perspectives such as Utilitarianism.

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The listing below presents an outline for the content in a business code of ethics (URL is listed at the bottom).

In the customer relations area, they state the goals for your topic:
1. importance of customer satisfaction
2. good faith in all agreements
3. quality
4. fair pricing
5. after-sales service

But beyond those five areas, there are others which contribute to the customer service function:
1. Employee working conditions
2. Adequate training for the job
3. Compliance with the spirit of laws as well as ...

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The solution tapped into two good sources and provided links plus a summary of content for a code of business ethics as they relate to customer service.