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    Ethics in Pricing, Advertising, Personal Selling Tactics, Business Relationships and More

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    Choose a business ethics topic and investigate it. Review sources with specific questions in mind (i.e., Does this article support my topic? How does this article apply to my topic? How am I going to use the details of this article in my paper?)

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    Business ethics are essential to defining a corporation on their moral grounds for fulfilling their commitment to set vision and mission goals. However, the onset of global business enterprise in the last several decades ethics has presented challenges in adapting to cultural differences. In which, the aim in creating a more proactive social responsibility role is in successfully accounting for behaving (business activities) in an ethical way. Let's take a look at several factors associated with business ethics:

    - Does this article support my topic?

    The selected article on business ethics relating to a particular topic is ideal to relate towards the fundamental thesis being presented. First, the objective is to narrow down the variety of ways that business ethics can relate towards instances and / or areas that places corporations in a challenging position to effectively managing long-term. Keep in mind, the types of business ethics hinders on the senior management team decision on behaviors, in which, the corporation conducts their business activities warranted of possible correction for living up to the vision or mission. In applying business ethics on a company to living up to their mission and vision, the selected types of topics relating to the business activities becomes clearer. Basically, the barometer is set in deciphering if, when, what, and how the business ethics were either comprise or met accordingly to the corporation expectations. Some key main areas of possible topic subjects to consider for reflection entails:

    1. Pricing Matrix Strategy

    The business is using shady pricing methods on a product that is not worthy of the price but needed in the targeted consumer marketplace. For instance, the product is a medical component that is overly price for only profit while the consumer suffers to just afford the product for their aliment. The business ethics are in question when the company could easily adjust the pricing matrix structure. Consumers are forced to deciding in purchasing food or their medicine that is surely overly price but with the limited options that unethically company wins in the end.

    The opposite approach to following good business ethics relates towards pricing at a fair price and even offering discounts for repeated purchases. The company is gaining profits in a way that is not gauging the consumer but rewarding the end - user purchaser.

    2. Contracts with vendors or other individuals and / or groups

    Try and identifying the contractual agreements as not fulfilling the stated expectations in a timely manner that promotes a strengthening of business relations. Instead, the change of reflections on expected delivery on either party's sides that restricts the desired outcome. In promoting a lasting impression within the targeted marketplace, the objective is to ethically uphold the stated ...

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