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    Organizational Behavior For the Charter Bus Business

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    I need help getting started examining organizational behavior for the Charter Bus Business or Transportation, in which I need to explain the following key concepts and terminology:

    a) Organizational culture and behavior
    b) Diversity
    c) Communication
    d) Business Ethics
    e) Change Management

    I need to describe the observable aspects of each of the above, and provide a brief analysis of the culture and behavior of the organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Please include a minimum of three sources (APA formatting required).

    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Let's look at each section for USA Bus Charter, Inc., which you can draw on for your final copy. I alos included other links to consider.


    a) Organizational culture and behavior

    USA Bus Charter, Inc. is an example of a Charter Bus business. Experienced since 1983, USA Bus Charter is recognized nationwide as one of the largest and most experienced charter bus networks in business today. Bus charter, charter buses, tour bus rental, limousine bus service, school bus rental and entertainer coach leasing is just the beginning of what USA Bus Charter provides its customers. With service in more than 350 cities nationwide, their nationwide affiliated network includes more than 900 operators who provide the newest and most modern fleet of charter buses, tour buses, mini buses, school buses, limousine buses and entertainer coaches nationwide (USA Bus Charters).

    USA Bus Charter, Inc, fosters "a culture of creativity, imagination, enjoyment, personal and professional growth" (Charter Bus Corporate Code of Ethics).

    The company's policy is to help its customers to "help make the chartering process as simple and hassle free as possible" (Frequently Asked Questions). And, if at any time the customer has a question or need additional information, it communicates to the customer: "please do not hesitate to contact us" (Charter Bus Corporate Code of Ethics).

    The company provides full service charter bus transportation in more than 350 cities throughout North America. Its experienced charter bus owners and operators provide state of the art equipment and first class service for all of its clients. USA Bus Charter, Inc. does not own or operate its own fleet (Frequently Asked Questions).

    In fact, many clients choose USA Bus Charter, Inc. because the company saves them ...

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    This solution provides assistance with a paper on the Charter Bus Business describing observable aspects of organizational behavior in the following areas: a) organizational culture and behavior b) diversity c) communication d) business ethics and e) change management. It also provides links for further research, and the references are listed in APA formatting.