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    MBA/Public Administration Discussion

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    Need help answering these questions..

    1. What is the theory behind why charter schools and/or vouchers may be a viable alternative to simply increasing funding for traditional schools? What are the pros and cons?

    2. Discuss the three premises of the political approach to public organization.

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    MBA/Public Administration Discussion

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    To increase funding for traditional schools, there are various alternatives, such as charter schools and vouchers, which fulfill the needs of these schools in an effective manner. Charter schools are the public schools, which provide greater options within the public education system. The main concept behind using charter schools as an option is that they receive funds based on the number of children and they can be run by nonprofit organizations. The implementation of charter school concept does not require change in funding structure and is controlled by the school district (Hopes, Fears, & Reality, 2005).
    Vouchers are education subsidies and provide each parent government funds to spend in the schools according to their choice. Vouchers follow student centered approach, which is directed by the parents. Vouchers are increasingly used to increase funding as they are the oldest & ...

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