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    Decision to get an MBA

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    Discuss the reasons for and against going to school to obtain an MBA. Use research and references to support your points and establish the standards you used to assess the credibility of your sources. In your conclusion, explain how your arguments for and against an MBA have informed your own personal decision with regards to going back to school for an MBA.

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    Decision to get an MBA:

    For that matter, why go for any education at all, especially an expensive two-year course in Business Administration. A person who has no plans for the future or ambition to get a career must not stray in this rather difficult course and burden himself with debt. Education helps an individual to realize his highest self and goals. It is one thing more than another which absolutely requires free activity on the part of the individual with the object for self development.

    Why MBA:

    Any higher education demands lot of hard work, determination and commitment. An MBA may be beneficial for those who have well structured plans for career making and a future. MBA is a versatile degree, having validity all over the world. It can boost the career of those who have successfully completed it. The schools like to have worldly students with real world work experience so that they may contribute valuable knowledge to their peers.

    These days many big companies look for candidates who can fulfill their specialized requirements. Some of them have tied up with the universities to develop ...

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    This solution looks at considerations that one must take into account when deciding whether or not to obtain an MBA.