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Arguments for and Against Getting an MBA

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Imagine you are raising and countering objections regarding the decision to get an MBA.

Support your point of view as part of countering objections with research. Examples include department of labor statistics, fairly current articles on the impact of education, especially graduate education on earnings. You can also cite a source to support your use of objections as well; for example, show the objection is documented as a valid concern.

Identify the criteria you used to evaluate the credibility of sources of information you selected.

Discuss how raising and countering objections has helped inform your own decision to get an MBA and the reason(s) you have decided to go back to school.

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This solution explains Arguments for Getting an MBA. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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There are some objections to your getting an MBA. The objections are mainly focused on the high cost of MBA education and the content of MBA programs (d). It is claimed that the MBA programs teach theories that are either outdated or irrelevant to the present business world. A two-year sponsorship package is required. There would be lost wages, lack of career advancement, and a cost of $150k (e).

However there are strong reasons for doing an MBA. The MBA graduate starting salaries in the US are high even though there is economic slowdown. This has been ...

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