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Improving performance

After collaborating with a team, consider the personality types, listening skills, and trust levels, and emotional intelligence of general team members and yourself. Then, write a paper in which you explain how you will use your team charter to improve performance, considering those individual differences,

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//Before writing about the consideration of the individual differences, we will write about the importance of team work and collaboration of individuals in a team. Then, we will write about the integration of the team skills for attaining required goals and objectives. It will assist in understanding the rationale of team development.//

Importance of Team Work and Collaboration of Individuals

The concept of formation of work teams is of great significance for the enhancement of the productivity of an organization. Mainly, team is a group of people having corresponding skills and mutual approach towards the attainment of the common goals and objectives. Collaboration of the individuals having different skills and emotional intelligence are combined to form a work team, which are mutually accountable for providing better performance. The synergy of the team members provides integrated work practices and holds responsibility towards the work. The basic requirements for the formation of high performance teams are caring and encouraging work environment, pertinent skills and transparency of responsibility, concentrate on subordinate goals and effective rewards for team (Furnham, 2005).

It is essential for the team members to recognize the skills and abilities of the other team members, so as to produce synergistic efforts towards the attainment of goals of the team. It also aids in the development and shaping of individuals to become effective ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 939 words with references.