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Code and Cross-Reference Letters:

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Code and Cross-Reference Letters:

Paper records, such as letters, must be indexed and coded properly before filing. A cross-reference should be prepared when a record may be requested under a different name than the one it is filed under. Practice
coding letters and preparing cross-reference sheets in this activity.

1. Open the attached PDF file CH10 Letters from the data files. This file contains six letters to be coded and two blank cross-reference sheets.

2. Index and code each letter for filing. You work at Star Satellite Systems, so the letters with this company name in the letterhead are outgoing letters. The other letters are incoming letters.

3. The letter to Anne Ashby and the letter from William Abbott require cross-references. Code cross-reference captions and prepare cross-reference sheets for these letters. Which of these letters might require a permanent cross-reference guide?

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Sales Customer (Outgoing)
From: Chris Mayer
To: Charles Underwood, Portland Day School
Regarding: programs offered and educational discounts
Authorization: CM

Sales (Outgoing)
From: Sandy Owens
To: ...

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