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The importance of communication

Explain the basic process of effective communication, discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service, and also discuss advantages and disadvantages of effective communication in the medical environment.

Demonstrate effective communication skills in interacting with patients, healthcare professionals, and others.

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Basics of communication
-remember it's a two-way street; the idea that is communicated and the idea that is received should match, but sometimes don't
-it's important to check for understanding on both sides by restating patients' questions, asking the patients to teach an idea back to you, and asking if there are any follow-up questions
-also remember that body language plays an important role in communication; if body language and spoken language don't match, people tend to trust body language more

Communication and customer service
-most patients are ok with delays or changes as long as they are informed so it's very important to inform patients of changes as soon as possible and with as much explanation as HIPPA will allow
-example: Last ...

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This solution includes the basic process of effective communication, importance of communication in customer service, and the advantages and disadvantages of communication in the medical environment.