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Organizational Communication and Values

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Look at the relationship between communication and values. How are organizational and individual values and ethics reflected through communication at Lowe's? Examine the importance of trust in interpersonal relationships. What is the importance of valuing and promoting diversity through communication? Record any examples that support your observations. Analyze the communication practices observed.

- Analyzed how organizational values and ethics are reflected through communication in Lowe's
- Analyzed how individual values and ethics are reflected through communication in Lowe's
- Described the importance of trust in interpersonal relationship.
- Analyzed the importance of valuing and promoting diversity through communication.
- Recorded supporting examples.
- Analyzed the observed communication practices.

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Organizational Values and Ethics
Lowe's is one of the largest firms in retailing industry that works for home improvement. Through the communication at Lowe's, organizational values and ethics are reflected. It is because as the firm communicates with its customers that the firm delivers a full solution through following each step of the home improvement process from inspiration and planning to completion and enjoyment (Investing in Tomorrow, 2011). It reflects that the firm has value towards its customer's expectation. The core of the goals of the firm are three principles as possibilities, support and value. These principles refer to the offering inspirational ideas to the customers through being a trusted partner whenever they need for home improvement process. The value of the firm is related to the offering services at competitive and low price. These goals or ...

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The solution discusses the organizational communication and values.

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