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Business Communication for Managers: Example Problem

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Letters, Memos, and Email

a. Persuasive Memo:
Asking for a raise or reclassification: Do you deserve a raise? Should your job be reclassified to reflect your increased responsibilities (with more pay, of course)? If so, write a memo to the person with the authority to determine pay and job titles, arguing for what you want.

b. Policy Memo:
Develop and write a policy memo to employees about corporate e-mail. Include information in your policy about prioritizing and responding to e-mails, salutations, punctuation, using cyberspeak abbreviations and emoticons, and courtesy and blind copies.

c. Letters:
Part 1: Write a modified block style letter to your local telephone/cable/ DSL company complaining about inadequate customer service. Explain that you are still waiting for service and that you have never spoken with a "real" person, but to a series of recordings instructing you how to troubleshoot the problem.
Part 2: On the NEXT PAGE of your letter, write a block style letter from the company which resolves your issue.

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