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    Communication Skills

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    Managers at Blue Ridge Enterprise have been nearly unanimous in claiming that poor communication is costing the organization is lost business and lost time. For example, since 2001, Blue Ridge has lost 9% of its profits because of ineffective sales presentations, and as much as four hours a week have been wasted because of weak communication skills with supervisors, peers, and subordinates.

    Write a 2-3 page proposal to the chief executive officer of Blue Ridge Enterprise, Andrea R. Martinez, outlining this problem and the steps you suggest to help solve the problem. Be sure to cite not fewer than three references that you would use to support your case.

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    Poor communication at Blue Ridge is costing the organization heavily. When there is poor communication with customers it leads to distrust and loss of business. When there is poor communication with employees there is fear and lack of motivation. It has been observed that in Blue Ridge employees talk but don't listen. There is loss of time of the employees because accuracy and retention decreases at every transmission and after a couple of transmissions the message is so distorted that it can hardly be recognized. It seems that the distortion in information takes place because of poor communication planning. Written communications have wrong sentence structure and grammatical mistakes. The receiver misunderstands memos, letters, messages and e-mails causing harmful delay. The presentation of sales persons lacks planning and is made on wrong assumptions about the customer. The result is loss of 9% profits for Blue Ridge because of poor communication.

    Sales presentations made by Blue Ridge sales persons showed the following drawbacks. The sales persons often read out bullet points from the slides making the presentations very boring and predictable. Some of the slides were prepared in such small print that half the presentation venue could not read the matter on the slides. In addition, sales persons used jargon and ...

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