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    Effect of global cultures, differences, communication

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    Describe the term culture. How does culture affect international business? What are some global cultural issues that affect international business? Provide examples to support your answer.

    What types of cultural differences are relevant to managers working in dissimilar cultures? What might managers do to address cultural differences?

    Imagine that you are an international business manager. How would you use the Hofstede Framework to manage your staff or partnerships?

    How does culture influence communication? What challenges are associated with cross-cultural communication? What steps or techniques might international business mangers use to improve communication across cultures?

    What types of verbal and nonverbal communication might be used in international corporations? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each type of communication? How does culture affect each type of communication?

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    International Business:

    Culture is transmitted patterns of symbolic systems, ideas and values that shape behaviour. It takes time to develop a cultural sensitivity and an open attitude which enables managers to point out customer needs by looking at the foreign market and not transferring the domestic market needs (Gasconne, 2009).

    How culture affects international business:

    The culture of a country may determine the level of government involvement present in the market. The business law culture of a country may also be affected by the laws developed based on a society and its religion. Negotiations between a buyer and a seller may lead to misunderstanding if either party is not completely fluent in the language of the other party which could lead to no or late payment (Gasconne, 2009).

    Global cultural issues that affect international business:

    Cultural barriers may increase as economic barriers decrease and this may present new opportunities and challenges for global firms. In many cultures, people prefer to obey clear guidelines rather than take risks by acting alone. For example in the UK, if a customer calls a company with a query the employee then gives just a first name (Gasconne, 2009).

    Types of cultural differences:

    Different nationalities communicate differently when working. Some individuals may be blunt and very direct while others may be vague and indirect in their communication. To address these cultural differences, managers should carry out research on the countries they are planning to do ...

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    The effects of global cultures, differences, communication in international business is examined.