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    Global Communication: Is the World Coming Closer Together?

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    The world contains numerous diverse cultures and it is evident that within every culture there are similarities and differences. Although there are all of these cultures with their differences, some things within the world are making the youth and teens more similar through the world. With social media it is much easier for individuals across the world to connect and share ideas which can eventually influence their personal decisions. I do however believe that each culture has certain aspects that no individual can change, whether it is religion or other beliefs. Although there are some individuals that are becoming more similar on a daily basis, I do believe that there are more individuals throughout the world that are much different than others no matter how they may look on the outside. In America individuals with different cultures may seem exactly the same on the outside, but on beliefs and cultural backgrounds are what set individuals apart from everyone else. Overall, yes individuals may be coming together more than ever before but not on a cultural level and definitely not on a global level.

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    I agree, social media and the Internet in general has allowed a flatter world to develop. Being able to connect via Twitter allows us to get a view of the world that would have been less ...

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