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    Assessment of the skills required of successful global leaders.

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    Construct an assessment of the skills required of successful global leaders. Synthesize a set of factors that is essential to personal development requirements for global leaders of today and of the future.

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    According to Bueno, Antolin, and Tubbs (2004), assessing leadership skills and elements that play a role in a successful global leader are:

    • Ignorance - acknowledging the lack of knowledge of another country's culture and being willing and open to learning; to ask the tough questions and to grasp the facts that relate to the business.

    • Awareness - being responsive to the surroundings of the company. Not business related issues only but the culture, family, relationships, and work habits of the people. Build up trust and to release arrogance. For example, it is said that Americans are arrogant - thinking that they are correct all the time leaving no room to learn new things.

    • Understanding - being thoughtful and considerate will take a leader a long way in ...

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    Effective leadership is critical to an organization to be successful. Great leaders are often strategizing ways to improve and achieve goals.