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    How to be a Successful Global Leader

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    Discuss the unique leadership requirements of the successful global business operation.

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    There are several factors/requirements that lead to successful leaders:

    1) Successful leaders are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are not necessarily just business owners. They are individuals who recognize opportunities and are able to utilize all the possible resources that will help them take advantage of that opportunity. This fits the profile of a successful global leader, as that person recognizes that today's companies who wish to increase their competitive edge must take advantage of the many benefits that global markets offer. These advantages range from cheaper resources to an expanded clientele.

    2) Geographically competent-A leader entrepreneur is able to enter any market after having researched the pros and cons of entering that market. That same leader is able to deal with a. Cultural differences-being competent working with individuals of various cultures within the context of the organization. That leader understands and is able to bridge cultural gaps in order to get the work done and meet the organization's goals, b. Business protocols-the procedures that organizations abide by vary from organization to ...

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    There are various requirements that leaders must meet in order to successfully meet the challenges of global business operations. This solution will provide an in-depth discussion of the issue.