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    How to respond to an executive summary

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    Hi, I want make good comment for this topic.Thanks
    1- Please Make comment on ( David ) about his Executive Summary, the comments not lower than 5 lines. I give you example of comment in the end my question to help you please (Look the example)
    2- Please Make 1 OR 2 questions on this topic after end the comment .

    The purpose of my paper will uncover what makes the leaders I have chosen three of the most successful people of our time. How their leadership styles influence not only those whom they employ but how their influence is global. The leaders I've chosen are Gen Colin Powell, Warren Buffet, and Michelle Obama. I chose these leaders for several reasons which include their global appeal, how they lead during adverse/difficult times, and their obvious success.

    The process of becoming a successful leader contains multiple paths and approaches however the goal is the same; which is to lead, motivate, and empower people to accomplish a common goal. Sun Tzu described a leader as one who cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to proper methods and discipline. (Sun Tzu, n,d,) It has also been said that leaders aren't made they are born. (Carlyle, n.d.) Even today modern researchers have countless studies describing a variety of leadership skills, traits and characteristics outlining how to be an effective leader. The clear consensus is that there is no singular path to becoming a great leader. One thing is certain, top influential leaders get the most out of their subordinates by displaying ethical standards and leading by example.
    I selected Gen Colin Powell because of how charismatic he is as a leader. For a time during my twenty nine year military career he served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his leadership was pivotal at a crucial time within our country. It is well noted that he is a situational leader which consists of Directing, Supporting, Coaching, and Delegating.
    The next influential leader I selected is Warren Buffett who is the Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway and is among the world's most wealthiest people. Regarded as a shrewd financier and investor, his particular style of leadership may be surprising. Mr. Buffett has a "hands-off" leadership style. (Stern, n.d.). This style of leadership is characterized as Laissez-Faire, or delegating leadership.
    Lastly, I chose Michelle Obama mainly due to her ability to enchant when she speaks. She has the ability to command attention without commanding at all. Having had the pleasure of meeting her briefly in a mass setting it was clear she was mezzmorised all in attendance. Having said that, Mrs. Obama is a charismatic leader who does not rely on her title or husband to define her. (Kellerman, 2009)
    Through my research I find that successful leaders create their own paths by finding out what works best for them. Some commonalities with them are the respect they garner globally, their ability to adapt to any situation, their strength and ability to remain strong in a crisis. Influential leaders are able to connect, communicate, empathize, and empower people for the betterment of the organization.


    (Example of comment):

    Hi David , you have very good post show the most important point in Leader Goals. when the leaders have Purpose that they are understanding the Goals of them position. Process is also very varied from one to another. discussion sometime not able to have it from some Leader because the attitude or may be using dictator under cover of Dreams. as soon as Leader has one of the good control to power his or her Order to make the influence respect and participate with leader .


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