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    Writing an Executive Summary

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    Typically this section is written last - after you have already proofread your paper 1,000 times. But, this is the first section that is read (not including the intro, if applicable). These quick and easy tips provide reassurance on how to write an effective Executive Summary and make that Strategic Plan win you the "A" you deserve.

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    Below my description is an example of an Executive Summary I submitted during my MBA coursework.

    The executive summary is written exactly how it sounds: a summary of your paper, written in a style that highlights your paper - but in such a way so that it sounds like you were "selling it" or presenting it to an Executive Board. In other words, I should be able to get a very good picture of what your whole paper is about just by reading the Executive Summary. I am sure you have already read the applicable rubrics and worksheets associated with this assignment. When I attended University of Phoenix, I found the resource materials very helpful in guiding me on every project. Even if you are attending a different ...

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    Though usually written last, the Executive Summary is typically read by teachers (and executives) FIRST!

    Make sure your Executive Summary fulfills the standard requirements that everyone expects to see when reading a Strategic Plan.