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    21st century global leadership

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    Provide a 10-step plan for leadership success in the global organization of the 21st century. Give details of theory and concepts and include specific examples.

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    10-step plan for leadership success in the global organization of the 21st century

    1. Achieving the effectiveness of communication
    Effective communication includes improving feedback systems, providing language training, and increasing flexibility and cooperation (Hodgetts, Luthans, & Doh, 2006).

    2. Managing the diversity in global cultures
    Planning strategies for the global markets but not until the leader has an understanding of the culture dynamics such as locating production facilities, global suppliers. After which, plans are put in place to design and market products and services adaptable to the cultural Hodgetts et al., 2006).

    3. Understanding global legal ramifications transformations
    When it comes to the law, one size does not fit all. Therefore it is necessary for a global leader to understand the ...

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    The role of a leader is to create purpose, provide direction, develop strategy, and influence others to follow his/her lead. The goal is to establish a vision for the organization.