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As a team you will be responsible for completing the following actions:

Part 1

Create a role for a user to complete imports and exports of data. This role should be a user-defined role with the minimum appropriate permissions for a user who would complete imports and exports. Take screen shots of the critical role creation steps and provide a 1 - 2 paragraph explanation of your choices.
Create a user for the role. Again provide screen shots of the critical user creation steps with any necessary explanation.
Part 2

Study this text file's data and create a table in your database the data can be stored in. You can use the database you created in the previous learning event. You don't need to show the table creation steps, but do provide a screen shot of the table properties once it's been created.
Use the DTS utility to Import the data from the text file into your SQL Server database. Show screen shots of the import steps and provide a screen shot of the table rows in the Enterprise Manager once the data is imported.
Export that table to Excel using DTS. Provide screen shots of the various wizard screens and explanations of your choices. If the export doesn't work at first, be sure to document the error message. When the Excel file is created successfully, submit it along with your Word document.

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