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Sales: Importance of Diversity Training

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One thing these students might have in common is that they are fresh out of college and hold multiple degrees. However, they come from entirely different backgrounds. From personal experience, I believe that every employee should attend a Diversity Training. I attended a Diversity Training in my previous job and I find it to be essential when you hire a ton of people from different backgrounds. Since each person and background is different, it means their way of life is different. Different cultures have different perceptions and mannerism. If we do not learn about one another then it makes it easier to offend or insult someone else even if it's not intentionally. Also, these new hires will most likely be working in teams so therefore Team Training is essential as well. This occurs when a company devote their many hours to training new employees to listen to each other and cooperate. An example of this, companies use programs that uses short training exercises to illustrate examples of good and bad teamwork , moulding their employee's attitudes regarding good team work. Lastly, I would have them attend the ADDIE Five Step Training Process which is a training process model that training vendors have been using for years.

The five steps are:
- Analyze the training need
- Design the overall training program
- Develop the course
- Implement training
-Evaluate the course effectiveness

This basically means the company is reviewing continual or formative feedback while creating instructional materials. This model strives to save time and money by catching problems while they are still easy to fix. At the end of the year, a manager could conduct a survey or base their trainings on the new hires performance reviews.

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This solution responds to the necessity of diversity training. The overall training program design are given.

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What a clever idea to use the ADDIE method to set up diversity training! In this manner, an organization can be thoughtful in determining their needs and creating a targeted course. This makes sense to me. Diversity training is a necessity in today's world in order to make sure employees ...

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