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Management Training Manual Outline

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Assignment: Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

As you near the end of MGT 210, you have gained knowledge and experience regarding
what it takes to be an effective supervisor. Put your newly developed skills to work for both
yourself and others by creating a Best Practices Manual for Supervisors.

? Resources: Appendix A; Ch. 3 (pp. 38-50), Ch. 7 (pp. 111-124), Ch. 9 (pp. 144-155), Ch.
11 (pp. 185-201), Ch. 16 (pp. 273-286), Ch. 17 (pp. 292-319), and Ch. 22 (pp. 382-393)
in Supervision: Key Link to Productivity (8th ed.); and Ch. 1 and 2 in Axia College's
Writing Style Handbook

? Compile the following sections of a best practices manual for new supervisors. Your
overall contributions to the manual should cite a minimum of three sources. Only one of these
sources can be your course text.

The six supervisory responsibilities to which you will contribute best practices are as follows:
1. Demonstrating Communication Skills
2. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods
3. Improving Productivity for Teams
4. Conducting Performance Appraisals
5. Resolving Conflict
6. Improving Employee Relations

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Here are some helpful hints:

First this website has some great ideas for you.

Your instructor actually gave you an outline to follow but here is my help

I. Introduction
a. State why there needs to be a manual for the new supervisors
b. Explain that you are creating this manual to fulfill that need
c. State what areas you are going to cover, ie the topics below
II. Demonstrating Communication Skills
a. State why this is important for ...

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Its an outline for the reason for the reasons why a new training manual needs to be created.