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Help desk manager training program

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Outline a training program that will ensure that the new manager is properly trained and qualified to perform their new duties. Keep in mind that this person has little or no managerial experience, so they will need to be trained in the policies and procedures of the company, but might also benefit from managerial training through outside workshops.

In your outline, respond specifically to the following questions:
1. What are the needs of the training?
2. What are the objectives of the training?
3. How will the training be delivered and in what way?
4. How will you ensure that the training is transferred to the job?
5. How will you measure the training's effectiveness?

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It seems that the paragraph at the beginning of your posting really will assist with providing some direction for the five questions asked. Below I have provided some things to carefully consider while developing your outline that, hopefully, will help lead you in the right direction.

1. What are the needs of the training?

When answering this question, according to the explanation, you will need to consider how much this particular individual does or does not know about management in general. It states that he/she does not have much in the way of management experience and will also need to be introduced/trained on the policies and procedures of the company. Perhaps consider outlining what some of those policies and procedures for the company might be specifically, as well ...

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This post demonstrates an outline of a training program, including what the needs of training will be, what the objectives are, how the training will be delivered, and how its efficacy will be measured. Over 500 words.

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