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    Management and Training Development

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    Your boss is interested in hiring a consultant to help identify potential managers from current employees of a fast-food restaurant. The manager's job is to help wait on customers and prepare food during busy times, oversee all aspects of restaurant operations (including scheduling, maintenance, on-the-job training, and food purchase), and motivate employees to provide high-quality service.

    The manager is also responsible for resolving disputes between employees. The position involves working under stress and coordinating several activities at one time. Your boss asks you to outline the type of assessment program you believe would best identify employees who could be successful managers. What will you tell your boss?

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    The first thing I would tell my boss is that I agree with an assessment program, which would be the best way to generate potential candidates. The assessment program would have to be broad, as there are many variables to assess ones abilities. The outline would address these issues.

    The first assessment area would be the employee evaluation area, which establishes the employee performance. This area identifies the overall performance and how one performs within ...