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Human Relations Scenario Roles and Responsibilities

SITUATION: The plant manager bellowed to the company's Senior HR specialist: I have a problem, and you have to solve it. I can't get people in this plant to work together as a team. As if I don't have enough trouble with our competitors and our past-due accounts, now I have to put up with running a zoo. You're responsible for seeing that the staff gets along. I want a training proposal on my desk by Monday.

Assume you are the HR Manager and the HR Specialist has turned to you for advice.

1. How can you best determine the need for team training in the plant? What types of training would you select and why for this situation?

2. What would one recommend to this irate plant manager and how would you convince him to accept and support help from your HR specialist? Use your best persuasive abilities in your proposed response for the plant manager.

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As you probably realize, this could be a lot more complicated than it appears on the surface. Some immediate questions that popped into my mind were:

How do people in this plant work in teams? Are there formal teams responsible for group output? Or are there general work-groups with people responsible for their own output?

Are there individual incentives or group incentives? Individual or Group Performance Metrics?

Is the real problem that the staff doesn't get along? Why? Or is this just that they don't work well in teams? and Why?

Is more training the solution? Or should we try something that focuses on team-building?

There are a variety of ways to deal with malfunctioning teams. Here ...

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Human relations: Need for a plant training program; deal with an irate plant manager