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Variables Surrounding Personality Traits

Reflect back on the diverse managerial roles that you have played in your organization - put yourself in role of ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT . These roles involve a variety of functions--human relations, maintenance, task, technical, informational, decision making, operational, and even strategic aspects. Some of these roles are complementary while others are conflicting. Now - reflect on the attributes and personal tendencies that you and others around you have. What can you say about the confluence or interaction effects between traits (or personal tendencies) and behaviors (i.e., roles). What is the role of traits in affecting the choice of managerial roles? Facilitating or hindering communication? Creating or resolving conflicts? (300 - 400 words)

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The interaction effects between personal tendencies and roles, is that an individual's personal tendencies or traits, tends to determine the types of the behaviors that they display in a variety of differing conditions. This essentially means that certain personal tendencies or traits, lead to behaviors that are much more suitable for certain roles and occupations, than they do for other roles or occupations. In addition, there seems to be a chicken and egg scenario or interaction between traits and ...

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This solution describes important variables surrounding personality traits and behaviors.