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Career Counselling- Trait and Factor Theory

Trait and factor theory has been used consistently since 1909 and a great deal of research has been conducted to prove its worth. Why do you think the theory has held its ground for such a long time?

A response thorough yet concise, reflecting a minimum of 70 words to a maximum of 150 words would be much appreciated!

It would be great if you respond to this question by stating your opinions and ideas on this topic, relating them to the empirical findings of research/ literature done in the field.

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Trait and Factor Theories

I think one of the reasons that trait and factor theories have stood the test of time is simply that it has become a social norm which has been backed with substantial research and findings. For instance, everyone has "traits" which consists of personality traits, physical traits, and genetic traits to name a few. We use them in everyday conversations. For example, we might say that a person is somewhat of an introvert, a pretty nervous person, strongly attached to his family, frequently depressed, and very intelligent. We might say that a person has his father's looks or "he gets that from his father". These are all traits.