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    Definition of the term trait as per trait & factor theories

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    Define the term "trait" as related to the trait and factor theories.
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    A trait in general is a specific mode of behavior exhibited by an individual in a wide variety of circumstances. In our day-to-day life, we label or identify our friends and other individuals as being honest, aggressive, fearful, dependent, lazy, dull, etc., on the basis of certain characteristic behavior exhibited by them during various situations in life. Thus, it can be concluded that by "traits", we mean a mode of behavior which is manifested in a number of life situations consistently. It is any distinguishable, relatively enduring way in which an individual varies from others. On the basis of the above discussion, the term "trait" can be defined as "a property within the individual that accounts for his/her unique but relatively stable reactions to environment". For instance, if Sam behaves in a lazy way in several situations in daily life, the description is generalized from his behavior to the person (Sam), and we say ...

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    The solution discusses the definition of the term "trait" as related to the trait and factor theories.