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The History of Vocational/Career Counseling

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Provide a brief description of a total of at least three major developments from across the first eight stages in the history of vocational/career counselling. For each, explain why you believe it to be a significant contribution to the development and/or progress of vocational/career counseling. Finally, explain how each development affects or would affect your work in providing vocational/career counseling.

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The solution discusses the history of vocational/career counselling.

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In this particular task, you are being asked to show that you have studied the history of counselling and that you have identified key events that helped the practice evolve. I suggest using this simple outline to complete this task:

1. Counselling in the U.S. - overview, 100 words
2. The developments and their significance - 200 words
3. Relevance of the developments in practice - 100 words

You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic.

Counselling in the U.S.

Pope (2000) writes - "The birth and subsequent development of career counseling in the
United States (U.S.) has occurred during times of major societal change." This means that counselling has come to be established because of the need that individuals and society has for the practice whereby counselling became a solution and a strategy to resolve and prevent individual and social issues/problems. Pope proposed that in the U.S., what happened in terms of the development of the practice were social transitions. Pope's (2000) interest was all about mapping out the organizational development of counselling and pairing it with the motivators of change due to social challenges/events. Here I will suggest 3 of these developments based on Pope's ...

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