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Functional limitation

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Provide a description of a functional limitation and explain how it might impact a client's career development. Explain what value a functional capacity evaluation and job analysis might hold for a client with this functional limitation. Then, describe how one of four vocational rehabilitation services - Work-Adjustment Training, Job-Seeking Skills Training, Supported Employment, Assistive Technology - might be utilized with this client depending on the evaluation and analysis.

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The functional limitations descriptions are examined. Functional limitation and career development is determined.

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Functional Limitation and Career development

Functional limitation is those individual attributes that a person has that limits his or her ability to work or function in a particular manner as is demanded by the roles he or she has in the work place or a career aspiration. For career counselors, functional limitation is a consideration in the coaching and counseling given as these limitations must be identified and dealt with as individuals who hold aspirations to achieve a particular career might be limited to do in the first place by functional limitations. University students seeking career counseling with regards to their ideal career paths for example will have to disclose certain limitations in planning their careers. A students hoping to be a flight attendant but has phobia of heights might have to rethink her aspirations in relation to her capacities and training as the phobia can potentially limit her towards that goal.

Functional ...

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