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Creating a Business Organization

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Select any form of business organization and create a business that sells at least one tangible product. You will continue to build this business each week. In two to three paragraphs, provide the following information about your business.
1. Name of business
2. Location of the principal office
3. Type of organization (sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.) and why that form of organization was selected.
4. Advantages and disadvantages of the form of organization
5. Legal requirements for formation of the business in the state where the principal office is located.

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Business Organization
1. Name of business: Jammies
2. Location of principal office: California
3. Type of organization: Sole proprietorship
This type of business organization is chosen as the business would be started from the home garage and products would be produced in a small facility. The potential customers for the product would be connoisseurs of food who are also health conscious and would not mind paying a premium for getting pure products (Jams).
4. Advantages and ...

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The following posting helps create a business organization. Concepts discussed include the types of organization, the form of the organization, advantages and disadvantages.

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