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Creating Culture in an Organization

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It has been determined that the culture of ACME Corp. promotes poor quality, low productivity and horrendous customer service. You have been hired as an outside consultant to quickly diagnose the root causes.
What tools and processes will you propose to the client and why?
Make a case to the decision makers for your approach.
Your initial posting should be 300 words. Bolman & Deal, Ch. 12 & 13 (The Symbolic Frame), Hanna, Ch. 3-6.

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In my experience culture is ultimately a function of the executive leadership in an organization. Therefore I would venture a guess that the executive leadership at ACME Corp allows this type of behavior. Granted there are many process related things that can affect quality, productivity, and customer service but culture begins with leadership.

As a consultant to the ACME Corp I would begin my consult with extensive interviews of the leaders and managers within the organization. I would determine the ...

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