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    How would you foster innovation and effectiveness in your organization? How would your recommendation affect the organizational culture?

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    Companies are continually redesigning work systems to maximize flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. Innovation is the process of creating value inspired by human creativity. It creates new opportunity.

    Innovation leads to change. It will drive changes in processes, products and services, relationships, productivity and other aspects of an organization.

    EIGHT STEPS TO Foster innovation:

    1. Establish the objectives

    2. Forming a powerful guiding coalition-Assembling a group with enough power to lead the effort.

    3. Encouraging the group to work together as a team.

    4. Creating a vision-Creating a vision to help guide the change effort

    5. Communicating the vision-Using every vehicle possible to convey the vision to all people

    6. Empowering others to act on the vision-Getting rid of obstacles to change like the structure.

    7. Planning for and creating short term wins-Rewarding employees and recognizing them.

    8. Consolidating improvements

    Innovation and Change management initiatives need to go on. Changes in the culture of the organization take long but are necessary and must go on. Change doesn't arrive - it continues. 3M allocates 15 percent of a product engineer's time to "free thinking" and experimentation. A clear-cut process is in place for bringing new ideas to the surface. Once a new idea turns into a new product, engineers immediately begin looking for ways to replace that product. With that kind of organic change mechanism, 60 percent of the company's revenues come from products that were introduced in the ...

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