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    Outputs in organizational environments

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    Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model

    1) What is your opinion on KOBIE'S ANSWER to the Question below?


    The Congruence Model recognizes outputs at the individual, group, and organizational level. These outputs measure performance and effectiveness of employee's ability to meet the company's mission. The individual outputs relate directly to employee personal behavior such as loyalty, absenteeism, drug use, or turnover are well monitored through Booz Allen's concept of balancing work and life activities. This concept is based on promoting healthy lifestyles for employees and their families; volunteerism; offering opportunities for growth; and giving each employee a voice in the success of the company.

    On the group level, Booz Allen, monitors intergroup conflict and communication via its common code of business ethics that is based on integrity, diversity and inclusion, and service to its internal and external stakeholders.

    On the organizational level Booz Allen incorporates innovative service strategies comprised of large and small businesses to maintain desired production goals. Booz Allen also has access to the latest technology in order to improve product design and delivery and align with its goals and strategies.


    QUESTION???????????????Since the Congruence Model recognizes "Outputs" as existing at the Individual, Group, and Organizational levels, please discuss the Outputs - at all three levels -of your chosen "Best 100" Company. Be thorough and be specific. ***Be Sure To Provide References***.

    2) What is your opinion on JAMES'S ANSWER to the Question above?


    The Individual & Group: Google places high importance on the outputs of the individual and small group. Google is a technology company, not a coal mining conglomerate. Therefore Google generates value through innovation and the creation of entirely new technologies. The ideas generated by an individual or small group can lead to the creation of a new technology that can double the value of the company overnight. The same could not be said of coal company. To validate this fact one only needs to look at the nexus of Google. The company's original search engine was designed by the company's two founders, in a college dorm, using a server that was constructed out of Legos. Therefore Google's prime generator of valued outputs is the individual or small group.

    The Organization: At Google the organization serves to foster the innovation of individuals and small groups and then once a technology is developed, the organization helps refine that technology and bring it to market. At Google the relationship between the individual/group and the organization could be compared to that between a musician and a record label. Now with the advent of the internet this comparison looses some of it validity but, the musician creates the music and the record label helps finish the product and bring it to the public. Without the musician the record label would have nothing to sell and without the label the musician would have a very difficult time getting their work to the public.

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