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Organizational Development Cultural Impact

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You are the head of the Organizational Department at Wells Fargo. Currently, the company is experiencing low morale, high turnover, and low levels of productivity. Put together a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation to describe plans to improve employee effectiveness of Wells Fargo for upper management. in-depth speaker notes will include topics of motivation, organizational rewards, developing plans for job enrichment, and stress-reduction training. Describe how culture impacts the organization. Summarize the significance of organizational culture, explain how reward systems, job enrichment, and stress reduction improve effectiveness and explain and communicate how motivation impacts the productivity of an organization.

18 slides created with outline and suggestions for the content on each slides so you can customize

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This is a very interesting topic. In today's business environment the mortgage industry is struggling. High foreclosure rates and low percentage of new mortgage employees can affect employee's morals. Mortgage companies such as Wells Fargo are greatly affected and as such it would be a wise decision to try and bust employee morale.

Let's beginning by breaking down the project into ...

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The organizational development cultural impacts are examined.