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Question : Discussion of the subject of creating and leveraging knowledge.
There are 4 basic patterns for creating knowledge... One of these approaches is:
From Tacit to Explicit. Examples: When Ikuko Tanaka... Discuss how a multinational corporation might devise a formal approach to use this approach to create new knowledge it can use in growing its business. (See attachment for full question)

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Four basic patterns for creating knowledge include: creating it, mapping it, categorizing it and benchmarking it. Ikuko Tanaka is able to merge creative knowledge of the ingredients of bread making with knowledge mapping as part of the organization's strategic initiative in promoting the bread via an effective advertising campaign. A formal approach to creating new knowledge is possible when the organization adopts new workable strategies. Firtly the organisation needs to undertake a SWOT Analysis or internal audit of its operations. An Ansoff matrix can be very useful in comapring Strengths with Opportunities and Weaknesses with Threats. Then the organization needs to undertake a PEST Analysis to determine its position in the home and or/global marketplace (Political, Economic, Social, Technological). Having mapped the firm's ...

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