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    Global crossing

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    The organization is global crossing.

    Address the following for global crossing.

    1. Evaluate the planning function of management.
    2. Analyze the impact that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have had on management planning. Give examples for each.
    3. Analyze at least three factors that influence Global Crossing's strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.

    Cite at least two sources. (in-text)
    If an electronic source if used include the URL. Printed source attach a copy.

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    Management Planning at Global Crossing


    Global Crossing Limited is basically involved in the IT industry and it is a telecommunication company. The company mainly focuses on offering computer networking services to the customers in the global market. The main services the company provides include the voice over internet protocol service, dial up service, telephone service and conferencing service. The company possesses integrated internet service provider network for rendering quick, reliable and secure communication facility to the customers. The company is established in Bermuda and has its subsidiaries in different countries of the world (Global Crossing Limited, 2008).

    The company was established in 1997 by Gary Winnick and three of his business fellows. With the launching of the company, the share prices of the company got three times and it become successful. But, as the company became successful in the market, it fell down with rapid movements. In this paper, we will describe the planning function of management; analyze the effect of legal, ethical and corporate social responsibility issues on the management planning and the factors affecting strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning of Global Crossing Limited (Global Crossing Limited, 2008).

    Planning Function of Management

    For becoming successful in the competitive business environment, it is necessary for all the global organizations to focus on managing the organizations effectively and strategically along with specified goals and objectives, strategies for achieving the goals and plans for managing the activities involved in achieving the goals. The management of the organizations has to concentrate on making strategic plans regarding the budget, human resource, infrastructure, research and development. In the case of Global Crossing, the company's management has proved to be ineffective in managing the transactions of the company in various sectors of business (Enrick, 2007).

    Excessive expenditure on the infrastructure, charities, personal expenses, incentives lead the company to become bankrupt. The total spending of the company rose high with the success of the company in the market. Expensive infrastructure and its renovation also posed large amount of expenditure to the company. The company purchased expensive accounting software and corporate jets for managing the corporate tours and accounts. The decisions regarding such purchases do not proved to be beneficial for the company.


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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1485 Words, APA References