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Exercise limitations associated with COPD - Emphysema

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What would be tests and measures which would probably include resting and exercise measures that would be used to determine exercise limitations in a patient with COPD?

How would I use the results of these tests and measures (like: intepert the results whether they be static or dynamic variables) to determine the physiological limitation to aerobic capacity and how this information would contribute to me being able to provide an appropriate exercise prescription for increasing aeorbic exercise capacity.

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In patients with symptomatic COPD, desirable therapeutic goals include improvement of ventilatory mechanics, alleviation of dyspnea, increased activity levels, and improved quality of life. Studies designed to evaluate the efficacy of interventions, such as bronchodilator therapy, increasingly incorporate these important clinical outcomes. Traditionally, the primary outcome measure for clinical trials has been the measurement of [FEV.sub.1]. The recognition that meaningful improvements in symptoms, exercise capacity, and quality of life can occur in the presence of minimal changes in [FEV.sub.1] has prompted the search for better evaluative methods.
<br><br>Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPBT) measures the response of the cardiac and respiratory systems to increased demands of exercise and, generally, helps correlate symptoms with objective evidence of physiologic limitation. Testing a patient during exercise frequently uncovers significant abnormalities that are not apparent on tests performed at rest. For example, a patient's complaint of exertional shortness of breath can be linked to evidence of ventilatory limitation during exercise testing.
<br><br>In patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), CPET can:
<br><br>* Quantify the amount of functional limitation.
<br><br>* Measure the patient's ...

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