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Sampling Method and Limitations

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When studying the relationship between "Employee Engagement" and "Productivity", what sampling method would be the best to use and why? What may be the limitation of the sampling method? (Note: The company consists of 5 functional departments (sales, marketing, manufacturing, R&D, and customer service) and 5 locations across the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Charlotte)).

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Sampling methods and limitation relationships are examined

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Remember - I can only give you ideas on this. I can't answer the question directly.

In my opinion, given what you have included, we have two options: Cluster Sampling (the main choice), possibly supplemented by Proportionate Quota Sampling. The fact that the company is across the country means that Cluster sampling is necessary.

You need to divide the company according to its geographic regions (this is the cluster). You then use basic random sampling across departments. You might even use two sorts of clusters - both geographic area and the specific department. The limitation here is that not all departments will be represented.

If you have limited resources, cluster sampling is the only route when your ...

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