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Critiquing Sampling Strategy and Sample Size in a Research

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As a researcher in your field, you must be able to critically assess the chosen methods of sampling in other researchers' work. Therefore, this week's Discussion prompts you to practice this skill by evaluating the sampling strategy employed in a research article. Critiquing the choices of other researchers can bring awareness to the choices you make in your own work.


1.Critique the sampling strategy used.

2.What are the strengths and limitations of the study due to the sampling strategy used

3.Critique the sample size used.

4.Did the author(s) justify the sample size

5.If not, what is the problem with that


Homik, R., Jacobsohn, L., Orwin, R., Piesse, A., & Kalton, G. (2008, December).
Effects of the national youth anti-drug media campaign on youths. American Journal of Public Health, 98, 2229-2237.

Use the Academic Search Premier database and search using the article's Accession Number: 35563535.

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Critiquing Sampling Strategy and Sample Size in a Research Article

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1.Critique the sampling strategy used.

The sampling strategy that was utilized for this study was purposive sampling, which represents a sampling method that allows researchers to choose participants based upon the purpose of their study, which in this case was based upon analyzing the effectiveness of a drug initiative that was implemented by the United States federal government. Therefore, the population of a limited group of an entire population, which consisted of children between the ages of 12.5-18 years of age, were chosen for the population sample. Therefore, the purposive sampling strategy could not possibly be reflective of the entire larger population of students throughout the country, but it can provide a general overview of the population.

In reference to the sampling strategy that was used by the researchers, the purposive sampling strategy was used in collusion with the chosen survey, which was the ...

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