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Sample size and qualitative study

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I am working on a qualitative study about stress in Firemen (see Attached), and I have to find and justify a sampling strategy and sample size for the qualitative research plan. Can someone help with the following questions:

- From which sampling strategy would my study benefit? What factors contribute to this decision?
- What sample size would I use for the study this study? What factors contribute to this decision?
- How would I justify using that particular sampling strategy and sample size? What Resources can be cited to support this justification? Please See Attached beginning purpose of research study

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Sampling Size for Qualitative research

Factors to consider:
1. It seems that you have already access to the sample. This can inform you of your sample size. Can you access 20-25 firefighters will to participate? Access is the concern.

2. The purpose seems to be a statement about the profession of firefighters in general. Thus, generalizability may be an issue. If this is the case, then a large sample size with various population will give you more strength and power. For instance, if you can sample firefighters ...

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determining an appropriate sample size for qualitative design study on firefighters and stress