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Marketing Literature Review: How companies determine sample size?

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I would appreciate some guidelines to start writing this project.

I did search at least 10 articles about sampling in journals such as the "Journal of Marketing Research" without success. These articles are too general and are very limited about the properties of research method.

I would like to see whether sequential sampling has been used in real applications or this is only a theory. Found only one article with limited data.

Should I change the topic to something easier? Please help me to outline the basic steps to follow.

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The 490-word solution provides some good general information about sampling methods including definitions, size, and limitations. The confidence interval and the level of uncertainty are demonstrated.

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Sequential sampling refers to the primary sampling unit being selected and the next sampling unit being selected independent of the selection of the first unit. This is not difficult and companies are doing it all the time. Consider the following example, the first step might involve selecting a sample of stores, and in the second week the team of researchers from the company may select a sample of calendar weeks for each store. Now if the selection of the sample of calendar weeks is independent of the stores that have been selected, (many companies insist on it) then it is sequential sampling. Consider another example, in telephone surveys, companies take a sample of states, then they take a sample of counties within each state that is selected. Then the companies select ...

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