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Critical & Innovative Thinking

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Effective decision making/problem solving in today's complex business environment is a skill that can be enhanced through the synergistic use of critical and innovative thinking. By becoming more aware of different thinking processes, skills can be refined, resulting in improved communications and performance.

Find two articles to share; one on critical thinking and the other on innovative thinking.

Summarize your findings.

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This solution discusses critical and innovative thinking.

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Article: Critical Thinking

This article is about the importance of critical thinking (CT) in the medical industry. Nurse Managers in particular established a criterion in terms of being analytical, open-minded, and willingness to implement change. This article was a literature review of the practicality an RN's (or Nurse Manager's) perception within the health industry. The contents of the article consisted of qualitative and quantitative data analyzing the hypothesis; "Is there a difference between nurse managers' (Zori, S., Nosek, L.J., and Musil, CM. 2010). CT dispositions and their respective staff nurses' perceptions of the practice environment?" A sample size was correlated of 12 nurse managers and a random sample of 132 RN's which participated in a descriptive study measurement of the hypothesis. Researchers identified significant differences between the two sample sizes. Results from the case study emphasize how nurse managers create a positive environment with RN's thus promoting positive working practices that are conducive to increasing methods of job satisfaction. Critical thinking enables nurse managers and RN's to function properly and to develop innate strategies to ...

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