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Business Literature review

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Sampling Design
Using the scenario and two variables your learning team developed for the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 assignment {attachment 1}, create a paper of no more than 750 words in which the goal is to submit a random sampling plan in such detail that another researcher could replicate the method.
Discuss the following:
(a) Population and size
(b) The target population and brief reasoning
(c) Sampling element which may be conducted through any of the following:
• Data mining
• Survey (If a survey is chosen, create a 5-10 question document), or
• Observation
(d) The sample size
(e) Method of random sampling which may include:
• Simple
• Stratified
• Systematic, or
• Cluster
Calculate the sample size using a 95% confidence level, and a 5% margin of error. Place the calculation in the Appendix. Here is the data: We are going to go with the highest group of coffee drinkers that is age 25 - 29 in Duval County Fl. The population is 32,583 as per the 2014 census. The 95% confidence with a 5 percent margin for error gives us a sample size of 380 according to the sample calculator on www.surveysystem.com

Discuss how validity (and reliability) will be achieved.
Explain how human subjects will be protected (if applicable).
Data collection
Explain how the data will be physically collected.
Explain where data will be stored and how it will be protected.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Part 2
Append the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 paper with the following:
• Find two peer reviewed articles relevant to your research problem. Sources of non-peer reviewed articles may be trade journals or other sources recommended by your instructor.
• Provide a brief summary (template attached) of each article by selecting relevant research that addresses the variables in the research question(s) of the article.
• Use an in-text citation and reference for each article.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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