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Business Research: Information Sources

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What are the five factors a manager should consider when evaluating an information source? Explain each one.

Explain the five steps in conducting a literature search

What are the three types of evidence a research seeks when testing causal hypotheses? Explain.

Explain the difference between a field setting, laboratory setting, and simulation.

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The solution considers different factors and steps involved in evaluating information sources for business research.

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When evaluating an information source, you need to look at this information:
1) Sample size? is the size large enough to make recommendations that can be generalized to the public?
2) where did the data come from? what is it source? is it reputable?
3)is the data reliable? Can the results be generalized across all populations, or was the data pulled for a source of info that is unique to the general population?
4)is the data valid? Does the data gives a true measurement / description of "social reality".
5) is the data significant? Is the results produced statically significant in nature so that conclusions can be drawn?

These are the 5 steps when conducting a lit ...

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