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    Research: Describing secondary souces

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    1) Describe secondary research information as a competent in an integrated marketing plan, including ways in which it might and might not be used.
    2) Provide an analysis of the value of the secondary research information sources to business economic success, including their availability and cost-effectiveness.
    The secondary sources I am using is.
    a) www.funwoutdoors.com
    b) www.ibisworld.com
    c) www.outdoorindustry.org

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    1) Secondary research information as a component on an integrated marketing plan: ways in which it might and might not be used

    An integrated marketing plan basically starts with a business performance review, internal and external environmental analysis, and market segmentation, in relation to the company's goals and objectives.

    Business performance review may be done by using secondary data in the form of company documents that include its financial statements for the period covered by the study. By looking into the financial statements in various years, company performance in terms of resources, liabilities, sales, costs, income and other related variables may be compared. Hence, out of the secondary information, sales trend in relation to various costs may be obtained and analyzed. A researcher may determine the years in which sales were in its highest and lowest ...

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