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    Data Analysis Statement for the Elderly with HIV/AIDS

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    I am having trouble putting together this Data Analysis Statement capstone project and I need your assistance to show me how to. I definitely need your help and guidance can you assist me this is my capstone project and I am totally lost. My topic is HIV in the Elderly 50 and over. I have to describe the data use to evaluate the health issue in 4 page APA format

    1. Type of Data
    2. Why this data directly addresses the health issue (s)
    3. The methods you will use to analyze the data

    I need your guidance can you guide me I would appreciate it much.

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    One of the primary types of data that should be utilized in accurately describing the phenomenon of HIV in the elderly 50 and over would be qualitative data. This kind of data would be very important in evaluating this health issue due to the fact that this kind of data provides perspectives on the health issue from the viewpoint of the HIV sufferers themselves that are 50 and over, as well as the healthcare providers, and their family members and others that are also affected by the health status. Qualitative data will provide pertinent information on the emotional effect that having HIV has on individuals within this age group, which is paramount to understanding the total significance of the effect that this disease has on an individual and their family. Qualitative data will also provide pertinent information on the opinions that this group of individuals have on the medical treatment that they have received for their HIV, and whether or not they feel that this treatment has been adequate or inadequate. This will also help to ascertain as to whether or not they need to be pertinent changes in the method by which treatment is provided to these individuals, in order to increase their health and well-being to the greatest extent possible. Qualitative data will also provide important information as to the perspective of HIV sufferers within this age group on the psychological assistance that they are receiving in dealing with this issue, as a part of the overall treatment program. This is very important information to ascertain, due to the fact that psychological treatment and or counseling is crucial to the overall health and well-being of an individual that is undergoing HIV treatment, and living with this disease on a day-to-day basis. This data also directly addresses the health issue, due to the fact that this kind of data can provide insight into the activities that these individuals engaged in in order to contract this disease. This is crucial information due to the fact that this information can provide researchers with information that they can provide to the general public as well as individuals within this age group, as to what behaviors increase the risk of contracting this disease in the elderly years, and even during other segments of their lives. Another way that this data directly addresses the health issue is due to the fact that this type of data can provide information on the perspective of an elite HIV sufferer in relation to the number and or ...