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Teen Pregnancy

Prepare a paper describing your selected research issue - (Teen Pregnancy)- or problem. 1. Include a definition of the selection using quantifiable measures.
2. Finally, outline a business research process for addressing or finding a solution to your selected issue.

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The selection is Teenage pregnancy which is an issue that affects the society in which teenage girls get pregnant. This issue can be expressed in quantifiable terms. In 2004, 41 of 1000 teenage women gave birth. It is estimated that in the United States, 1 million teenage girls become pregnant every year and 25% of teenage girls that give birth have another baby within 2 years. Teenage births are related to low incomes and 80% rely on welfare, the mothers drop out of school and only 30% get high-school diploma and the annual cost of teenage pregnancy to the economy is estimated to be $7 billion.

We begin the business research process by defining the research problem. The problem can be reducing the rate of ...

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